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2020 Riverbed Official New Released 101-01 Q&As
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[New Version Jan 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q85-Q96]

Q1. Assume the SSL server is configured for the default SSL port. Which port has to be specified in the in-path rules of the client-side Steelhead appliance?A. 443B. 445C. 7801D. 8080View AnswerAnswer: AQ2. On the Interceptor appliance what is the size of the datastore?A. 0 MBB. 600 MBC. 1.2 TBD. 3.6 TBE. 4.8 TBView AnswerAnswer: AQ3. Which of the following Steelhead appliance models support

[New Version Jan 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q73-Q84]

Q1. Overcoming TCP chattiness and latency are functions of:A. Storage StreamliningB. Transport StreamliningC. Data StreamliningD. Application StreamliningView AnswerAnswer: BQ2. A customer has purchased 30 Steelhead appliances. Which product(s) can be used to ease the deployment of these Steelhead appliances?A. Riverbed Steelhead Management ConsoleB. Microsoft SCCMC. Riverbed CascadeD. Riverbed

[New Version Jan 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q61-Q72]

Q1. When enabling the IPSec feature on the Steelhead appliances:A. Both optimized and pass-through traffic are encryptedB. Only optimized traffic is encryptedC. IPSec encrypted traffic is optimizedD. Only control traffic is encrypted, not user trafficView AnswerAnswer: BQ2. After deployment of Steelhead appliances, a certain backup application shows poor bandwidth reduction. After disabling the

[New Version Dec 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q49-Q60]

Q1. Log messages in the Steelhead appliance Management Console such as "error=SMB_SHUTDOWN_ERR_SEC_SIG_ENABLED" are an indication of what condition?A. The Steelhead appliance has entered admission controlB. The Steelhead appliance has detected an asymmetric networkC. The Steelhead appliance is configured with the incorrect speed or duplex on the Primary interfaceD. The Steelhead appliance is conf

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q37-Q48]

Q1. To ensure peak operational performance, it is recommended that the Steelhead appliance be rebooted:A. Once every weekB. Once every monthC. Rebooting the Steelhead appliance is not recommended as a performance enhancing maintenance activityD. Rebooting the Steelhead appliance is not recommended because all network activity stops until it comes backView AnswerAnswer: CQ2. What WAN traffic pro

[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. How can Steelhead Mobile client software be distributed directly from the Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC)? (Select 2)A. HTTPSB. HTTPC. FTPD. TFTPE. NFSView AnswerAnswer: ABQ2. Which of the following is a valid type of in-path rule on the Steelhead appliance? (Select 3)A. Pass ThroughB. Dynamic DetectionC. Auto DiscoverD. Fixed-TargetE. Real-TimeView AnswerAnswer: ACDQ3. Steelhead Mobile

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. The key difference between the "Degraded" status and the "Critical" status is:A. With degraded, only one alarm has been triggered, whereas with critical, two or more alarms were triggeredB. With degraded, the Steelhead appliance is still optimizing traffic, whereas with critical the Steelhead may or may not be optimizingC. With degraded, there is no optimization due to a software problem, whe

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Riverbed 101-01 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. A user uploads a Microsoft Word document to a server across the network using the file transfer protocol (FTP). The file has been seen before by the Steelhead appliances that are optimizing the link and so the user experiences warm performance. A second user at the same location downloads the file from the same server using the CIFS protocol. This file transfer can be considered:A. Cold, the