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Oracle 1z0-882 Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.6 Developer

2020 Oracle Official New Released 1z0-882 Q&As
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[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Oracle 1z0-882 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. You started a MySQL command –line session with sq1_ mode (empty), and created the person table with the structure:Mysql> DESC person;You issue:INSERT INTO person VALUES (‘casper’, ‘undefined’) What is the effect?A. ‘Casper’ and ‘ undefined values are inserted into the ‘name’ and gender’ column.B. The server returns an error indicating that ‘undefined’ cannot be in

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Oracle 1z0-882 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. Inspect the CREATE TABLE below:Mysql> CREATE TABLE foo (a INT, PRIMARY KEY (a)) ENGINE =InnoDB;Query Ok, 0 rows affected, 2 warnings (0.11 sec) Mysql> SHOW WARNINGS;Which two is true connecting the meaning of the warnings?A. The InnoDB storage engine was disabled during server startup.B. Global variable skip _innodb was set to ON after the server had started.C. The default storage engin