Cisco 210-451 Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals

2020 Cisco Official New Released 210-451 Q&As
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[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Cisco 210-451 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. Which Cisco product is.outside of a.Vblock? A. Cisco Nexus 1k B. Cisco C-Series UCS C. Cisco Nexus 3k D. Cisco UCS Central View AnswerAnswer: D Q2. Which description of Cisco vPath is true? A. a protocol that provides end-to-end path assurance for Cloud-based systems B. an embedded intelligence in Cisco VEM that provides abstracted control and forward plane functionality C. a servi

[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader Cisco 210-451 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. Which Cloud service model is appropriate for a.physical data center the Cloud? A. Infrastructure as a Service B. Platform as a Service C. Compute as a Service D. Software as a Service View AnswerAnswer: A Q2. VMware's ESXi Hypervisor is a Type-1 hypervisor. What does this mean? A. It should be placed first in your data center. B. It runs a conventional operating system a

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Cisco 210-451 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. Which Cloud storage technology would be accessed via the following URL? A. pNFS B. WebDAV C. Cinder D. Swift View AnswerAnswer: D Q2. In an Openstack Cloud deployment which has a fibre channel SAN providing the block storage, which two.options are valid fibre channel zone member types? (Choose two.) A. FCID B. DomainID C. WWPN