Cisco 300-365 Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

2020 Cisco Official New Released 300-365 Q&As
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[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader Cisco 300-365 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. Which two methods to discover a controller does a MAP attempt when it boots up? (Choose two.) A. |f Ethernet and wireless are available, it attempts to discover only via Ethernet. B. if Ethernet is disconnected, it attempts to connect wirelessly using AWPP. C. if only wireless is available and it is configured as a MAP, it does not attempt to connect to a WLC. D. If Ethernet and wireless

[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader Cisco 300-365 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. A corporation has a Cisco Unified Wireless Network that has been deployed for voice coverage. The wireless data rates have been tuned to mandatory rates of 18 Mbps and 36 Mbps. Some wireless clients have been experiencing drops streaming multicast video while moving throughout the building. What is the cause of the drop in video? A. Clients are roaming at lower data rates and are not maintai

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Cisco 300-365 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. A customer requires that an SSID is broadcasted to specific access points that use certain interfaces. Which feature can be used to achieve this goal? A. mobility groups B. flex-connect groups C. interface groups D. AP groups View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. By default, how long does a Mobility Services Engine wait for an echo response from a Wireless LAN Controller before declaring the neigh