Cisco 642-997 Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFI) v5.0

2020 Cisco Official New Released 642-997 Q&As
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[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-997 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. In the dynamic vNIC creation wizard, why are choices for Protection important? A. They allow reserve vNICs to be allocated out of the spares pool. B. They enable hardware-based failover. C. They select the primary fabric association for dynamic vNICs. D. They allow dynamic vNICs to be reserved for fabric failover. View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. How does an FCoE end node acquire its FCoE MAC

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-997 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. In policy-based routing, which action is taken for packets that do not match any of the route-map statements? A. forwarded after the egress queue empties on the outbound interface B. forwarded using the last statement in the route map C. forwarded using the closest matching route-map statement D. forwarded using destination-based routing View AnswerAnswer: D Q2. Between which two type

[New Version Aug 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-997 Exam Dumps[Q37-Q48]

Q1. Which two reasons explain why a server on VLAN 10 is unable to join a multicast stream that originates on VLAN 20? (Choose two.) A. IGMP snooping and mrouter are not enabled on VLAN 10. B. VLAN 20 has no IGMP snooping querier defined and VLAN 10 has no mrouter. C. The mrouter on VLAN 20 does not see the PIM join. D. The mrouter must be on VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. View AnswerAnswer: AC Q2.

[New Version Jun 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-997 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. What is an Overlay Transport Virtualization extended VLAN? A. the VLAN used to locate other AEDs B. the VLAN used to access the overlay network by the join interface C. the user VLAN that exists in multiple sites D. the VLAN that must contain the overlay interface View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. Which two items are required components of VN-Link in software? (Choose two.) A. VDC B. VEM C.