Cisco 642-999 Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)

2020 Cisco Official New Released 642-999 Q&As
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[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-999 Exam Dumps[Q37-Q43]

Q1. Which option describes the possible result of a customer configuring a server pool that contains Cisco UCS B200 M2 and B250 M2 blades? A. A service profile cannot migrate automatically from one blade to another blade within the server pool due to hardware failure. B. You must decommission a blade server for the associated service profile to migrate to another blade in the server pool succes

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-999 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. Which UCS components firmware are contained in the UCS Infrastructure software bundle? A. UCS BIOS B. UCS Fabric Interconnects C. UCS Adapters D. UCS Manager E. IO Module F. Cisco IMC View AnswerAnswer: BDE Q2. Which two items represent the features of Call Home on the Cisco Unified Computing System? (Choose two.) A. syslog B. send fault details to Cisco TAC C. SNMP trap receiver

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-999 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. In a standalone Cisco UCS C-Series server, which recommendations can be used to upgrade the BIOS? A. Cisco IMC B. Cisco UCS Manager C. iFlash32 Utility D. Flash ROM Utility E. EFI Interface F. Cisco Host Upgrade Utility G. USB Flash Utility View AnswerAnswer: F Q2. The Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects offer a new feature that allows dynamic port allocation for all of the

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader Cisco 642-999 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. Which three items represent message formats that are available to send fault data using Cisco Call Home? (Choose three.) A. short text B. long text C. HTML D. SOAP API E. XML F. Java View AnswerAnswer: ABE Q2. Which protocol is not supported for Cisco UCS backups and imports? A. FTP B. TFTP C. SCP D. SFTP E. HTTP View AnswerAnswer: E Q3. When you create a vHBA, what will yo