Cisco 810-403 Selling Business Outcomes

2020 Cisco Official New Released 810-403 Q&As
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Q1. Which two options are financial considerations related to determining business outcomes? (Choose two.) A. Capital Expenditures, Operating Expenses. B. Internal Return Rate, Discount Rate. C. Payback, Chargeback. D. Capital Expenditures, Working Capital. E. Chargeback, Showback. View AnswerAnswer: A,E Q2. In a cloud implementation scenario, what does the sales professional must take in

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Q1. When selling business outcomes, which two key points/ factors related to understanding actual achievement of goals must be considered? (Choose two.) A. specific timeframe and periods B. communicational procedures C. metrics and calculation procedures D. project management milestones View AnswerAnswer: A,C Q2. Which two statements partially describe the difference between product-based

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Q1. Which are the four types of requirements for aligning outcomes to business needs? A. Business, Functional, Strategic,Tactical B. Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Procedural C. Functional, Operational, Administrative, Strategic D. Business, Technical, Functional, Transitional View AnswerAnswer: D Q2. Which two options are examples of Key Performance Indicators? (Choose two.) A. Perce

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Q1. When shifting to business outcomes, which two of these relevant considerations and premises must be taken into account?(Choose two.) A. Customers want to benefit from new, more flexible consumption models. B. Technology is acquiring more importance. C. Businesses prefer time-to-market acceleration regardless the costs of their IT solutions. D. Business transformation dictates that CEOs an