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2020 IBM Official New Released C9010-022 Q&As
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[New Version Mar 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q133-Q144]

Q1. - (Topic 4) A customer has plugged a notebook into the HMC1 port of a brand new POWER8 server. The customer is attempting to get to the ASMI menu. Why is nothing being displayed on the notebook? A. The notebook is not set up to accept a DHCP address from the service processor. B. The notebook is configured for IPv4 and the service processor only communicates via IPv6. C. The notebook is

[New Version Mar 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q121-Q132]

Q1. - (Topic 4) What is the most likely cause of the following error when configuring a system? A. The auto-negotiation setting is disabled. B. The HBA port at fcs1 is not cabled. C. The RECOVERY policy on fscsi1 has been set to disabled. D. The SDD multipath software has not been installed. View AnswerAnswer: A Q2. - (Topic 4) After successfully mirroring rootvg using the mirrorvg comm

[New Version Mar 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q109-Q120]

Q1. - (Topic 3) The following output shows that a logical volume was renamed, but the change does not appear to be effective. What is the most likely cause? A. The command did not perform the change. B. The filesystem needs to be remounted. C. Only raw logical volumes can be renamed. D. The log device needs to be renamed as well. E. The volume group should have been inactive. View AnswerAn

[New Version Feb 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q97-Q108]

Q1. - (Topic 1) How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR? A. Run chattr -E -I sys0 -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR B. Run the RBAC wizard and deselect 'Enable RBAC Reboot the system C. Run chdev -I mywpar -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the Global Environment D. Run chwpar -a RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. - (Topic 1) What

[New Version Jan 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q85-Q96]

Q1. - (Topic 1) Which command will display the time and date of the last boot? A. who-b B. last-b C. boot-b D. time-x View AnswerAnswer: A Q2. - (Topic 3) An administrator has noticed that root receives email every day, stating that the Electronic Service Agent (ESA) has not been configureD. The company does not use ESA and the administrator would like the daily emails to stop. How can

[New Version Jan 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q73-Q84]

Q1. - (Topic 4) An administrator is tasked with enhancing the data availability and I/O load balancing for an AIX 7.1 system attached to IBM storage. Which action will satisfy the requirement? A. Set the correct host type on the storage array and match the failover settings on the AIX instance. B. Adjust the health check interval attribute for each hdisk presented from the storage array. C.

[New Version Dec 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q61-Q72]

Q1. - (Topic 1) Given the following characteristics, tuning which resource will provide the greatest benefit? CPU=80% busy Physical Memory=90% used Disks=80% busy Network=80% used Filesystemsare90%full. A. Memory B. Network C. Disks D. Filesystems View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. - (Topic 4) When creating a new user id, an administrator encounters the following error message: aixsystem:/home/r

[New Version Dec 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q49-Q60]

Q1. - (Topic 4) What is depicted in the following diagram? A. Long distance NFSv4 mount B. Cluster Aware AIX linked cluster C. Asynchronous GLVM mirroring D. Cross site disk heartbeat View AnswerAnswer: C Q2. - (Topic 3) Where is Cluster Aware AIX cluster configuration data stored? A. A shared diskthat is accessible from all nodes B. A NFS filesystem that is accessible by all nodes C

[New Version Dec 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q37-Q48]

Q1. - (Topic 4) A customer has a virtualized system using Virtual I/O Server with multiple client partitions accessing the SAN using NPIV? Which command on the client partition should be run to retrieve the network address of the fiber adapter? A. lscfg -vp –l fcs0 B. lspci –va fcsi | grep “Network Address” C. lspath –npiv fcs0 | grep “NetworkAddress” D. lsdev | grep fcs0 Vie

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q25-Q36]

Q1. - (Topic 2) A customer has purchased two dual-port Fibre Channel and two dual-port Ethernet cards. Which configuration will provide the greatest amount of redundancy for two client partitions? A. Assign each client one fibre and Ethernet card. Make sure they are cabled to a different network and fibre switches. B. Assign each client one port on each of the fibre and Ethernet cards. Cable e

[New Version Oct 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q13-Q24]

Q1. - (Topic 2) With regard to an existing AIX 5.2 installation, what source format is required by the mkwparcommand to create a Versioned WPAR of this existing system? A. SPOT B. MKSYSB C. RAW D. OVA View AnswerAnswer: B Q2. - (Topic 4) When attempting to log into a system, the administrator receives the message “All network ports in use.” How can this be resolved? A. Add the ter

[New Version Sep 2021] Certleader IBM C9010-022 Exam Dumps[Q1-Q12]

Q1. - (Topic 2) A server on the 165.x.x.x subnetis displaying network problems. The administrator uses a console connection and gathers the following information: Which action will permanently resolve the issue? A. Flush the routing table. B. Run 'route del C. Modify/etc/routes and reboot the system. D. Run 'chdev-I inet0-a delroute=net.-hopcount,0,,'