EMC E20-020 Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects

2020 EMC Official New Released E20-020 Q&As
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Q1. An organization wants to deploy SaaS applications in their cloud. The SaaS applications will be using application HA to maintain up-time levels of 99.9%.What should the cloud architect include in the design to support this up-time requirement?A. Sufficient host capacityB. Quorum disksC. Replication licenses for hypervisorsD. HA licenses for hypervisorsView AnswerAnswer: D Q2. An organizati

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Q1. Which aspect of the project definition does the cloud design scope provide?A. Broad directions for the projectB. Boundaries of what the project should and should not includeC. Sales figures that must be met when designing the projectD. Specific features or functions that must be included in the projectView AnswerAnswer: D Q2. An organization plans to deploy many cloud-native applications t

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Q1. In a cloud design, an architect has defined a separate trust zone for host management. The hosts will be running open source hypervisors.What should be included in the design deliverables to support this separate trust zone?A. Isolated management network and a common super-user accountB. Separate PKI and encrypted CMI portal accessC. Separate authentication source and a preferred zone setD. I